Thursday, September 28, 2006

Growers are having difficulty hiring enough illegal aliens...


Apparently growers in California are having difficulty finding enough people to pick their crops because we are finally STARTING to enforce our immigration laws. They are whining at the government to allow them to break the law because it's inconvenient for them to pay enough to hire legal workers to do the job they're offering.

Well, I'm terribly sorry, but if you don't rely upon illegal labor, you won't have this problem. If you pay a wage that is equal to the job being done, you won't have this problem. If you have a job that is equal to what you are paying, you won't have this problem. The only time you have this problem is when the job and the wages do not have a comparable market value and the wages are worth less than the effort and knowledge that you are requesting.

So either you can raise the pay or ask for less. What I am shocked by is when you cry, bitch, and moan because you cannot hire enough illegals to do your work.

One of the jackasses in that article has the audacity to say that he is willing to pay up to $150/day for the services he is requesting. To that I cry bullshit. If he's willing to pay $150/day, the schmoes that are working at McDonald's would be quitting to go pick their fruit. It's more likely that the average wage is closer to $80/day, which isn't SQUAT in that area, in addition to requiring you to do back breaking labor in the heat of the sun.

So - if you can't find workers and are losing money as a more or quit bitching. You have to adapt to changing market conditions. Until you do, you will be in trouble on a regular basis.


Friday, September 08, 2006

But they were CERTAIN that Terry Schaivo was unaware!

It's interesting - people the world over screamed that there was no way at all that Terry Schaivo was at all aware of her surroundings. They INSISTED she should stop being fed. They pounded desks, sued, and went to court - all for the right to stop giving her food. They trumpeted that it was absolutely impossible for her to have any chance of ever hearing the voice of a loved one again, or to see the beauty of a spring rain or a winter snowfall.

Now - later - when we can't go back and fix it, there are findings that show that these folks were wrong...again.

More evidence that people in a persistent vegetative state are at least partially aware of their surroundings have come up. Despite this fact, the people who were wrong before are still sticking to their original position and are saying that the new evidence is bogus. I say that now that we have rational uncertainty, that we should NOT kill these people - with or without a living will!

We do not have enough information to know what is going on with these people, or enough to know whether or not they're having beautiful and vivid dreams of a world where such horrors as killing a disabled human being for the sake not exist.

We've murdered at least one person who did not deserve it. Let's not make that same mistake again.