Friday, April 21, 2006


It looks like we might be adopting another child. This would be my three (adoptive) daughters' great nephew. His name is Johnathan Wolf Ruse, and if we adopt him, he'll become Johnathan Wolf Hughes.

I think my sister-in-law is going to adopt him, but I'm not sure she can fully keep up with him. If not, we'll take him and make him ours. He's a cute little tyke (just three weeks old now), and I'm sure he'll eventually light up my days the way my three little geniuses do already.

Sometimes, when God hands you something that seems tough, it ends up being something that is in fact a reward and not a trial.

My girls are just like that.


Palladium Books

I am in absolute shock.

My favorite gaming company, Palladium Books, is in dire financial straits due to the actions of a criminal and is in danger of dissolution. This company has been many things to me over the years, and now they need help. I've given what I can, and will give more in the days to come. It looks like everything will work out if everyone pulls together.

If you know of and like Palladium Books, please consider dropping by their website and buying something or just donating a few bucks.

Thank you,


Thursday, April 13, 2006


Massachusetts just passed a law requiring all people in the state to get health insurance.

This is a political blogger's dream. I mean, how many angles are there on this travesty of justice? I figure it ranges from, 'Let them eat cake!' to 'Spending your child's future, one day at a time.'

What are these idiots thinking? What's going to happen when our government goes bankrupt? When are we going to realize that entitlements cost money? When are we going to realize that introducing government into an industry has never lowered prices? When are we going to realize that increased regulation equates to increased cost?

This is pure and unadulterated idiocy. This completely justifies my pledge to never vote Republican again.