Thursday, May 25, 2006

Expulsion for a blog?

The Plainfield High School in Joliet Illinois is apparently run by people who do not understand the basis of the Constitution or its guarantees of freedom. The behavior being displayed by them is cretinous at the least, criminal at the worst, and absolutely morally bankrupt. A student created a weblog that was sharply critical of the school and its disciplinary policy. Nobody was threatened, nobody was mentioned by name, and all updates were performed from his home.

Let's consider this - a student was critical of his school administrators on his own time, in his own house, using his own resources, without committing libel or slander, and without threatening anyone and their response is to threaten expulsion and suspend him?

I'd be shocked if this happened in some third world dictatorship. I'd be floored if this happened in some socialist Eurocracy. In fact, the only place this would not shock me is communist China.

So - we've confirmed that the enemies of freedom are active and present in Plainfield High School. Are these the same geniuses that demand higher wages every year and threaten to go on strike for 'the sake of the children'?

What has to be done to get this intellectual weaklings fired? To whom does one write a letter to have these worthless hacks rendered unemployable due to their reckless and ridiculous abuse of power?

I've read a few stories about people like this. They wanted to regulate every aspect of people's lives, restrict what they could say and do, prevent them from speaking out against abuses of power, ignored the rule of law, and otherwise pushed their rule upon others. They even sang songs that divided people into the privileged and the unwanted folks. One of the songs started like this...

Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles,

The people that followed this beastly ideology behaved much in the same way as this scholastic organization.

A message to the school administrators:

What do you plan to do to me? Suspend me? Expel me? I'm not a student at your school. I don't even live in your state. That said; my personal belief is that you are pathetic and small minded people who desperately need to establish your personal importance by expanding the tiny amount of power that you have managed to accumulate in the failures you call lives. I do not state this as fact, but as my personal opinion. It is further my personal opinion that people like you should find yourselves a nice dictatorship in which you can legally participate, since your attempts to establish one here will surely fail.

What do I hope for you? I honestly hope that you see the error of your ways, laugh hysterically at how phenominally stupid your previous decisions were, apologize, and move forth with your lives. Barring that, I hope that you are terminated from your jobs with prejudice, and are found to be unemployable outside of the quick service comestibles industry (and only part time in those cases). Further, I sincerely hope that the kids whose rights you have abused sue you for every penny you are worth and that the amounts recovered from you are so high that you cannot ever recover from the impact thereof.


P.S. I bet it bugs you to no end that I can say this and there isn't a thing you can do to me. Isn't it sad to be a petty dictator?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I miss...

For some reason, I sorely miss my mother today. I keep remembering things...but mostly, I just remember calling her every day as I drove home.

I'm still here Ma, and I still work hard to honor you in my life. Enjoy your time with Jesus. I will be sure to join you in fifty or sixty years. I'm sure I'll have some stories for you, and we'll laugh and have a good time like before.

I wish my girls had gotten to know you better.