Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

For those who offered their prayers, I thank you.

Jesus decided He wanted my mother with Him now. He ended her suffering and took her into His arms today. She just didn't have enough left in her to fight anymore.

I will miss her wry humor, her sage advice, and her strong opinions.

God help me.



Prayers Welcome

I've not posted for a while. Sorry for that...things have been a bit rough for me lately, and I've not been able to give this blog the attention it so richly deserves. Also, I've tried to keep the posts in this blog political in nature...I'm going to break that rule now...I am not sorry for that.

Yesterday night when I was talking to my brother, he told me that if I want to see my mother again, I'd better get out to California to see her pretty soon. She has terminal bone and liver cancer, but what I think is going to kill her is her case of the flu she's fighting right now. Her chemo messes up her immune system and is hurting her ability to fight this illness.

Anyway, prayers are welcome and asked for.

God...I thought I was used to the idea...I mean, it's been over three years that we've known about this...but my Mom is dying. I can hear her dying when I call her. She's wasting away and there's nothing I can do, and even if I make it out there this week, I know I probably won't be there for her when she dies.

I haven't been a very good son to her. I've been a big disappointment to her in more ways than I can count. I guess this is just another way I'll be a disappointment...I won't be there for her in her hour of greatest need.

Sorry for the gloom. For some reason, I'm just not feeling so hot today.