Thursday, February 16, 2006

Islamic Imperialism

A common complaint I hear from the Middle-Eastern Muslims that are interviewed on television is that America is an imperialist country. I find this to be both idiotic and ironic.

First of all, the very religion of Islam is imperialistic in nature, requiring the conquering of all 'infidels', with conversion or dhimmitude the sole outlet for any 'infidels' who want to live. Both require the voluntary surrender on the part of the person in the custody of the Muslims in question.

Somehow, with all this, they feel the need to tell us that the USA is the imperialist devil.

I've got some news for the Islamic world; not only is Islam imperialist in nature and to its core, Mohammed was an apparent pedophile. The Qu'ran promises active pedophilia for those who make it to paradise (doe eyed boys wait for those who make it to paradise). The religion that I've heard many Muslims refer to is violent, full of hate, lacking in forgiveness, and otherwise vile and disgusting. In college, I knew many Muslims that were and presumably are fine people to this day, but the religion they follow is poisonous and imperialistic.

The apparent ambition of Islam is to force others into thinking and acting as they do. They seek to convert others by the sword. They subjugate their women. They outwardly eschew many worldly comforts, but behind closed doors they enjoy the full fruits of the world...if they're rich anyway.

Anyway, this is rather rambling, but Islam is a religion riddled with problems. These problems mean that Islam is incompatible with democracy, and as such, it will ultimately fail.