Thursday, September 28, 2006

Growers are having difficulty hiring enough illegal aliens...


Apparently growers in California are having difficulty finding enough people to pick their crops because we are finally STARTING to enforce our immigration laws. They are whining at the government to allow them to break the law because it's inconvenient for them to pay enough to hire legal workers to do the job they're offering.

Well, I'm terribly sorry, but if you don't rely upon illegal labor, you won't have this problem. If you pay a wage that is equal to the job being done, you won't have this problem. If you have a job that is equal to what you are paying, you won't have this problem. The only time you have this problem is when the job and the wages do not have a comparable market value and the wages are worth less than the effort and knowledge that you are requesting.

So either you can raise the pay or ask for less. What I am shocked by is when you cry, bitch, and moan because you cannot hire enough illegals to do your work.

One of the jackasses in that article has the audacity to say that he is willing to pay up to $150/day for the services he is requesting. To that I cry bullshit. If he's willing to pay $150/day, the schmoes that are working at McDonald's would be quitting to go pick their fruit. It's more likely that the average wage is closer to $80/day, which isn't SQUAT in that area, in addition to requiring you to do back breaking labor in the heat of the sun.

So - if you can't find workers and are losing money as a more or quit bitching. You have to adapt to changing market conditions. Until you do, you will be in trouble on a regular basis.



Blogger kk said...

I think our problem here lies not in illigal workers or employers paying insuffciant wages but in among other things our taxation system and minimum wage.It lies not in this unpatriotic idea that Americans wont do the work, but in the reality that Americans CANT do the work. How many of us have had rough times where walking onto a strawberry field or cleaning a house and then walking off with a few dollars could have been the difference between eating that day or making rent. However if Im an employer thats forced into paying $7.25 an hour for the help, then dealing with the taxes associated with your paycheck(30%ish!!),Then managing some sort of payroll system.Then having to get obscenely overpriced insurance due to the misfortune of letting the government know your in my employ. It quickly becomes obvious Id rather take the guy who doesn't come with all this baggage(I should know as i have been faced with this exact dilemma)It also quickly becomes obvious if Im a prospective unskilled employee who instead of making $7.25 an hour am really making $4.82 when adjusted for taxes am probably going to look elsewhere instead of busting my ass all day when I can make that $4.82 elsewhere for less work.(Carls Jr here I come), Again, Lets also not beat to death the point that Mr. Strawberry Fields Forever doesn't want my help to begin with. No,No What we have here isn't a shortage of a workforce but a shortage of an employers force in the workplace.

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