Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Still more evidence of the MSM bias

It is almost hilarious when one looks at the lengths that the MSM is willing to reach to make Israel look bad. Luckily, they were caught again. I admit though, that it could be just a complete bungle combined with an absolute liar/camera whore.,7340,L-3288406,00.html#n

The woman below has been used in two different stories with photos taken two weeks apart at different locations for the same "tragedy" - namely, her house was destroyed.

Here's the first photo:

...and here's the second one...

Doesn't she look just a bit familiar? See the scar on her cheek? Well, it's on the same photo above as well. She could be a camera whore, but I think that she is really a person trying to make Israel look bad. Apparently there are many instances of this - here's the truth about the 'bombed ambulance' - apparently it's horseshit too...

There are other gaffes as well...more lies...

The above photo was reported to show an airplane shooting missiles. In reality it's dropping chaff and flares to EVADE a missile (presumably fired by Hezbollah). Not only that, but the top piece of chaff is identical to the bottom piece. Isn't that interesting? Yep - the same guy as before - Adnan Hajj got caught again.

So - these news companies are not only putting forth unbalanced 'news' - showing tons of pictures of Lebanese suffering while not even talking about the fact that Hezbollah started this fight, and showing darned few images of Israeli suffering - as if Hezbollah is not STILL firing rockets at Israeli civilians.