Sunday, August 06, 2006

No bias in the MSM?

Umm...there's no bias in the MSM? Yeah - right. I'm a bit late in the game on this one, but this is deliberate alteration of 'news' to further an agendum. Here's a before and after pic of a Reuter's photo:

This photo is before...

This photo is after...

...after they got caught that is.

Do you see a difference? In the first one, more buildings are burning, there's more smoke, and the area appears to have suffered more devastation than in the second. They deliberately sensationalize the damage to Lebanon, while ignoring the damage to Israel, despite the fact that Israel didn't start this fight!

A second point to make: how many images of Israeli buildings are ever shown? How many images of the deaths caused by Hezbollah? How often is it reported that Hezbollah has been shooting rockets into Israel before Israel fights back?

How horrified does the MSM sound when they talk about Israeli deaths? How often do they speak of the terror of rocket bombardment by those scumbag terrorists? How often do they speak of the Israeli children dying?

Honestly - those Hezbollah scumbags are lucky I am not the prime minister of Israel. I'd have bombed them into the freaking stone age years ago!



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