Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Thus Spake Cedarford

Says Cedarford in a comment on Vox Day's blog:

Feminists love the castration fantasy. An acquaintance was dating one at the time when Fox was the Laci Peterson Channel, and she was raging about castrating OJ, Scott Peterson and how she would love to do it personally.

I tried out an alternate fantasy. "Sounds OK, but for fairness do you have any objections to me taking a knife to kid-killers Susan Smith or Andrea Yates?"

She shut up and looked at me surprised.

"You, know, multilate them. Just their faces - 10, 20 strokes with a razor blade cutting them down to the bone - so they can't eat, or smile ever again - or evershow their faces...?"

The feminist got white-faced."That is the sickest, evilest thing I ever heard. You disgust me. And you are one stupid asshole if you think Andrea Yates was a murderer. She had post-partum depression and if Susan Smith was the one that drowned her kids in a pond she had real issues - like being abused as a child."

I nodded.

"You might be right about Andrea Yates. How about if we just cut her tits off as punishment?"When a feminist loses it, they toss drinks at you in lieu of having a castrating knife handy. Fortunately, it was white wine and didn't stain. My acquaintance was sensible enough to refrain from laughing and commiserated with her as she stormed out saying I was indeed a monstrous asshole....but only to get the pussy. He broke up with her a month later and said she was still bullshit on me equating castration punishment with face mutilation...the breakup was simply because she was stupid and boring....

Somehow, this woman thinks that it's OK for women to castrate men, throw drinks on them, or otherwise do violence to them when they're upset with them. Somehow, this same woman thinks that it's NOT all right for men to do the same thing to women.

This is the core of what is commonly known as feminism. Women want the right to hit, belittle, mentally abuse, and otherwise do violence to men, while not being subjected to the same indignities. Somehow this is viewed as fairness. They don't even subscribe to the fiction of equality of outcome. They want to be better than men in every way. It is because of that, that these ridiculous chauvinistic cretins will never have any credibility with anyone with a shred of sense.



Blogger Vulgorilla said...

"They want to be better than men in every way."

Which, of course, is the fantasy they all suffer from. I think the term for them is "feminazi", which, in that single word, brings forth the proper visual image of what they are all about. Once identified as such, they have negative credibility, with no enlightened conversation ensuing from that point on.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Bartleby said...

I am a pretty callous guy, and I almost fainted when I saw a woman wearing a shirt that said, "I had an abortion."

It's like she thought that what at the very least was irresponsibility was a matter of pride! That's astounding to me! I mean, for someone to have to have an abortion that means that they were poor planners!

The moral relativism of the left is going to be the end of them, and that's fine, but I fear it may be the end of many good things as the beautiful children they kill.


11:11 AM  
Blogger Vulgorilla said...

In this day and age of contraception on demand, and multiple types of it at that, it seems that having an abortion, due to recreational sex, is just another way of saying "I'm certifiably stupid".

I've always wondered how many Einsteins, Rembrants, Jonas Salks, etc. we, as a society, have intentionally murdered. Besides it being the mindless murder of inocents, it strikes me more as just sad ... very, very sad.

9:34 AM  
Blogger Galt-In-Da-Box said...

Vulgorilla's last comment is right, spot on.
With all the contraceptives, abortion should be obsolete...And the contraceptives are generally cheaper, to say nothing of a hell of a lot less dangerous!

9:41 PM  

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