Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How much do people read these days?

I recently got a challenge from my daughter's school. The challenge was to read three thousand pages worth of books during this school year. This shocked me, because I average about 200 pages per day (estimated...I read most of a book a day, give or take...until last night I thought it was 300/day, but I gave it more thought and it isn't). That means that every...say...fifteen days, I read what they consider to be a valuable amount for a school year's worth of reading for an adult.

Am I reading obsessively, or do others not read enough? I couldn't imagine reading less.

As a side note, the 200 pages per day is only fiction. It doesn't count blogs, news, essays, or opinion pieces I read during the day in short breaks from work. If that is added in, it's another 150/day or so.

So - how much does the average Joe read per year? Is it really so little?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may be in the same league as you are my friend. I currently read at least 200 pages a day most days of the week and I get almost depressed when I "am out of book". Unfortunately, my love for books didn't begin until after I had graduated from high school. Before that, I couldn't read a paragraph without glazing over. My husband, eventhough a very fast reader, has never liked to read and I think that now at 25 he may have just found a book series he can get into. (Which was all it took for me, once I got that first 400 pg novel under my belt, I can't stop and don't want to!)I understand that a lot of people have a hard time reading, but I find it sad that it's probably less than 3000 wrds/yr.

5:11 PM  
Blogger South Florida Libertarian said...

That's sick! Where do you guys find the TIME to read that much? I wish I could but between things I can't "not do" (shopping, laundry, etc.) and distractions (watching football, surfing the internet and posting to blogs, etc.) I never have time. Maybe I be just dum and reed sloh. How fast do you read anyway? How much TIME does it take you to read that many pages a day? Do you do it all at one sitting?

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read 200p or more every weekday and read like 2B/day during the weekends, and I am in high school, but two years ago I read nothing other than what I had to read in school.
I can say that I start reading when a friend encourage me to read and went with me to look for books. I started reading with the goal of inproving my English and so far it has work, I speak and write Englis much better.

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