Friday, September 16, 2005

I wonder why Israel demanded a buffer zone...

My brother sent me this link:

It describes the kind and generous Palestinian people that were given at least some of what they've been demanding for a long time. Their response is to:

  • Smuggle arms
  • Smuggle guns
  • Deface the flag of Israel - while this should not be illegal it is rude.
  • Hold rallies to plan the destruction of Israel
  • Threaten the Palestinian Authority with violence if the try and disarm the militants

They also have people driving around in their cities with rocket and grenade launchers mounted on their vehicles, people firing guns into the air randomly, and other people deciding that the wait at a border checkpoint is too long and are simply pushing their way through.

The response of the Palestinian Authority is that Israel never informed them that they were pulling out. ...and? Don't ask for something and then gripe when you get it, Charlie. I think their point is being proven again and again by the behaviors of your glorious citizens.



Anonymous Stank said...

Kinda like Lord of the Flies. The abscence of moral authority and all that.

12:24 AM  
Blogger Bartleby said...

So you think in the absence of any governing moral authority, people of low moral character will devolve into petty children fighting over their right to be a warlord?

I guess Somalia, 'Palestine', et al have proven this to be a point.

'...and what have the Romans ever done for us?!'


1:47 PM  

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