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I had a discussion with a friend this weekend about feminism and have reached a conclusion that startled me. Feminism is strangling marriage and America. Prior to the advent of feminism, many things were wrong and hurtful to women. Those things needed to be corrected. The problem is that the feminist movement is what became the dominant force in addressing those wrongs. The feminist movement doesn't understand that equality doesn't have to reflect sameness...that two things can be different, but of the same value and desireability. In the past, women did not often work outside of the home. Unfortunately, a part of the reason for this was sexism, and that same sexism prevented women from getting jobs for which they were well qualified.

With all that aside, women gave up considerable authority and power by embracing what is called feminism. In the past, women held a position of great influence in the family - when the man came home from a hard day's work, who was first there to talk to him? Who was the greatest influence on making sure he could get up the next day and continue? Who molded the minds of young America? Who made sure that kids got what they needed on a day by day basis? Who made sure homework was done, and done properly? Who made sure that meals were nourishing? Who made sure that the children's entire day wasn't spent in front of the television? Who made sure kids had manners? Who made sure their kids learned things?


What have they exchanged all of that for?


One can argue whether or not the money was worth it (I do not think it's anywhere NEAR worth it). That said; I'd like to submit that the amount of money gained is neglibile if at all present. Earning power remained stagnant or dropped over the period after women entered the workforce, housing prices increased dramatically, and the costs involved in having both parents work (daycare, etc) are enormous. I cannot help but find the minor financial benefit of having both parents work to be nigh on worthless compared to the value of having someone stay home with the kids.

The sexual revolution gave women the ability to be...unwed mothers. The 'Murphy Brown' syndrome where men are called virtually useless and unnecessary in the rearing of a child is foolishness, but that foolishness is believed by many people. As a result, many women are left in the lurch by irresponsible and otherwise terrible men who do not want to take the time and energy to properly take care of their children.

So...women sacrificed a job of honor and worthiness While I agree that they have the right to work as they see fit, having the right to do something and it being right to do something are sometimes entirely different.

This is one of those cases.


*Note that I do not think that only women should stay home (though I think women are generally better suited by temperment for the rearing of children)...I say whomever makes less money should quit their job when children come along.


Blogger Marie said...

I don't feel that women became feminists because of money. Women have worked throughout time.....waitresses, nurses, teachers, hairdressers & beauticians, maids, cooks, nannies, and so on. What women wanted was the ability to enter other careers and earn equal pay. That is what feminism is about.

Has it affected the American household.....I believe you may be correct on that issue, however, that role is not exclusive to women. I believe it to be a parents responsibility to make sure that their children are well cared for and loved......and not relagated to ONLY women. Men have had to adapt to these changes. Most have done well but still they could do better.

Lastly I'd like to talk about the times we live in. I work and am educated so is my husband. It wasn't easy working but I wanted my children to have the opportunity to get a college education. Not cheap by any means. So we made some sacrafices. We both developed a schedule that would share in childcare responsibilities, we saved and sacraficed for them and in the end I am proud to say I have raised to honrable men. Now that we are beyond the child raising times it is my job that has secured a retirement and medical care. My husband is self employed and depends on my job for healthcare and retirement. He does have an IRA but it's my job that will make our lives easier once we retire. It's just the way it is......and much of America is in the same boat. At this point you may have guessed I'm a Hoosier Democrat. My hubby? He's a Republican. It is through mutual respect that we have remained married for 27 years.

Feminism is simply about respect and nothing more or less.

best wishes marie

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Blogger Bartleby said...

I don't think women became feminists because of money either. I think that the existing feminist movement made it into that though. That's why I don't disagree with the idea of feminism (as reflects equality) unto itself, but with the current feminist movement.

Though I don't agree with the legislation of this rule, the criteria for hiring someone and paying someone should reflect only upon ability to perform one's job and not upon one's gender, race, religion, or other peripheral attribute.

As for the 'well cared for and loved' comment, I quote from my original post:

*Note that I do not think that only women should stay home (though I think women are generally better suited by temperment for the rearing of children)...I say whomever makes less money should quit their job when children come along.

True feminism is more than about respect, but the proper name for it wouldn't be feminism, it'd be 'fairness' and it would apply to all genders, races, etc. If it's misogynistic to make jokes about women, blondes, or the like, it's misanthropic to make jokes about men failing to mature properly or to imply that they're bumblers and worthless as fathers.



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