Wednesday, October 04, 2006

North Korea plans tests of nuclear weapons in North Korea

North Korea is reportedly planning tests of nuclear weapons within North Korea. George Bush says he agrees with the idea, and has similar plans to test nuclear weapons within North Korea.

Kim Jung Il is a madman, and must be stopped.


I suggest that we put a price on his head and on that of each of his lieutenants. A billion dollars for him and a hundred million dollars for each of his lieutenants sound like nice round numbers that should result in a number of deaths and/or arrests that will hopefully convince the people that are acting like dangerous madmen to stop it.



Blogger kk said...

Hmmmm.... Now superficially i have to give this a chuckle and then disregard it as nonsense. However if you do put reality aside for a sec you just may have stumbled on the capitalist solution to world peace. Then again it seems the $25 million reward offered by the U.S isn't enough incentive to get the cavemen of Afghanistan to cough up Bin Laden. Come to think of it, if that 25 mil can go to anyone one could argue its a form of state sponsored terrorism . After all, if Im bounding around in Afghanistan on a mission to collect 25 mil the last thing(or first)thing thats going to get in my way is some tight lipped goat herder. Funny, but the word "Guantanamo bay" keeps popping into my head.

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