Thursday, August 18, 2005

Border Security

For some reason, our genius President has decided that border security with Mexico should not be a priority. I can only assume that this is because a large portion of his constituency is Mexican or of Mexican descent. While I can understand his desire to maintain a foothold with a core voting bloc, I do not understand his willingness to ignore a titanic breach of national security.

Our darling officeholder has ignored this for too long. In fact, he has ignored it for so long, that even Democrats are getting upset about it! I realize that it’s sneaky and underhanded of them to go so far as to do the right thing to win an election, but the Republicans (who already lack relevance these days) had better get on the stick, or they’ll lose the next election.

Anyway, ultimately, I’ve had enough of this. Drugs, weapons, and people are pouring across our borders with only minimal intervention, and the President is doing nothing about it. In fact, instead of helping, he’s hindering, and descries the actions of the Minutemen who are quite legally keeping an eye out and calling the Border Patrol when they see illegal aliens.

What I’m ultimately hoping for is that the states enact laws that make it illegal for an illegal alien to be present within their state and then deputize people throughout the state to make arrests for such an incursion. That would make the use of force to effect an arrest legal.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but in an article I was reading it was stated that there is federal law prohibiting people from threatening illegal aliens, so the feds are doubly hog-tying us. As I said, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but if I experienced the same problems those people had, I wouldn’t just be threatening, I would have opened fire.

Read below:

At 11:30 a.m. on April 22 this year, a Mexican helicopter landed in the Robinsons' backyard. Arivaca resident R.D. Ayers had driven to the ranch that morning to visit his injured dog, then under Dr. Robinson's care.
Ayers describes stepping outside the house to see what he describes as "a military Huey-type helicopter" circling, at the same time that a truck from the Tucson Fuel Co. was pulling into the yard. The Tres Bellotas gets its power from diesel generators, and that fuel has to be delivered.
As he approached the chopper, Ayers says six men in black, commando-type uniforms stepped out. Five had ski-type masks over their faces, and they wore body armor and carried automatic rifles. On their sleeves, Ayers saw the word, Mexico.
They stood in a defensive posture around a sixth man, their leader, who identified himself as a member of the Mexican police. He pointed aggressively to the fuel truck and asked what it was doing there. Ayers, in Spanish, told the man he was in the United States, not Mexico, and that he had no business in this country and needed to leave.
But the commander refused to listen and began walking toward the truck, at which point Ayers placed himself between the commander and the truck, again telling him to scram. After a few minutes, the tense confrontation ended when the commander ordered his troops into the chopper, and they split back across the border.
Ayers suspects that the Mexicans--one of Robinson's cowboys identified them as federales, Mexican federal police--were escorting a drug shipment to Tucson, and wanted to haul it in the fuel truck. Or they wanted to steal the fuel. The chopper had followed the truck much of the way down Tres Bellotas Road.
If someone came to my home like that, I’d have done two things:

  1. I would have called the police and any other organization I could think of. This poor fellow can’t have reliable telephone service because the drug smugglers keep blocking his cell and satellite phone use, so this would not be an option for him.

  2. I would have had my employees cover them with rifles and I would have had at least a pistol in my hand to make it clear that I plan to defend my home and my country. This just doesn’t happen…especially if they do so under the color of authority of another country. As far as I am concerned, those men were invaders of my state and my country. Luckily, the Indiana state Constitution allows me to use force to defend my property and my state.

If I were George Bush I’d have allowed that to happen once.


Any further incursions of the sort would result in a pile of wreckage that was formerly a helicopter. I would shoot it down without a second thought.

Further, with the idiots that are plotting to kill more citizens of the USA through terrorism, I’d start a ‘shoot to kill’ policy on the border. If you’re trying to enter illegally, you’re hostile to the best interests of the USA. If you’re hostile to the best interests of the USA when trying to enter the country, you’re invading. If you’re invading, you get shot. I wouldn’t be saying this, but the Mexican Foreign Ministry has created a booklet to help illegal aliens get into the USA and not be caught when so doing!

A translated version may be found here:

So, the Mexican government has printed documentation that officially assists illegal aliens in coming to our country. That’s the last straw. I don’t mind immigration and I don’t mind Mexicans. What I do mind is that we have a border that’s leaking like a sieve, a neighbor to the south that is actively promoting those leaks, and a President who is doing nothing about it.

Bush – do something about this, or I’ll vote a solid libertarian block from here on out.

(Hat tip: RhymesWithRight)



Blogger Vulgorilla said...

Don't re-elect anyone!....but then why even vote? What with all the dead people voting, all the illegal aliens voting, what makes anyone think that their vote actually counts?...And even if their vote was the tie breaking vote, would it count for any thing? Nope...There would be infinite re-counts, and then it would go to the courts where a bunch of appointed lawyers would decide the actual winner. As to your tie breaking vote?....well it somehow got lost in the shuffle. I have better things to do with my time, like re-arrange my sock drawer.

8:44 AM  
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