Friday, May 25, 2007

Arguing with a friend

I have a semi-friend that speaks of his child in less than glowing terms. He hates her, he doesn't like her, he thinks she should've been adopted or aborted, and so on.

I'd heard that he said such things to her in the past, but never directly from him.

Today I heard him actually say it, though not in her presence. I said I might call CPS about it. I then got the address of the house and called to find out if he's legally abusing her.

An associate of mine (I will no longer call him friend) ran and 'told' on me, and interestingly, I'm being treated as the bad guy here.

So here's my question...if you truly believe someone is abusing a child, is it wrong to report it? Also, should I expect people close to the situation to treat me as an evil person for my reporting it? I don't think I should have such an expectation and I am shocked...SHOCKED...that I am being treated as such.

I'm not the bad guy. The person telling his child that he hates her is.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a child molester lurking in your friggin office and your mgmt knows about it! RUN NOW!

Shapopo Joe

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your "the bad guy" because in truth, it makes them all look bad for not doing the right thing. That is pretty much the way of things. The good are hated for being good, because the mediocre fear the effort to be good.


2:57 PM  

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